Real Estate Mega Moms



Jessica Hensley

Visionary/CEO/Success Coach

Jessica Hensley is a respected & trusted influencer in the real estate community. As the founder and head success coach at Real Estate Mega Moms, she has established the largest real estate group for moms worldwide!

With an impressive 20 years of experience as a REALTOR, Jessica manages multiple offices in two communities and has consistently ranked as a top agent in her MLS for the past eight years. Presently, she leads the Heritage Homes Team in Southeast Kansas & Northeast Oklahoma, where she has crafted a successful model for building and growing teams by attracting leaders and top producers from across the country.

Faith holds significant importance in Jessica’s life, both personally and professionally. As a devoted wife to a Rancher and a loving mother to an incredible 10-year-old boy, her faith remains at the core of all her business endeavors. In her leisure time, you can find Jessica assisting on the farm, a grounding experience that continually propels her towards excellence.

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